Whilst many people think success comes easy, I am not from the lucky sperm club, I have had to work hard and hustle my way to achieve my goals. One thing I did always have was “Caviar Dreams : Tuna Fish Budget” The art of faking it until you make it. In business I was always sure to make my brand look bigger than it was and create hype around my products. In addition I created products that filled whitespace in the market place such as girly tech accessories, back when cell phone cases came only in black and grey, and this in turn created my empire. I have always been fondly known as the Powerhouse in Pigtails in the industry and I have never comprised my personal style or subdued my personality to be taken seriously and succeed in the male dominated world of licensing.

I have seen and created opportunities at every single turn but my journey has not been without struggle and setbacks. With growing notoriety and success came some pitfalls; licensed partners that took advantage, business lawsuits, to name just a few challenges. This could’ve put many people over the edge and out of business but I used this as motivation to reinvent my company and seek new and exciting directions to take my brands to the next level. I counters every setback with a comeback calling it “the comeback tour”. Here I share business advice, life advice, relationship advice and entrepreneurial tips and show you how to live out your own Caviar Dreams against all odds.